Downloading images with the Flickr API and Python

Download butterfly images with the Flickr API

A while ago I read an interesting blog post on the website of the Dutch organisation Vlinderstichting. Every year they organise a count of butterflies. Volunteers help determining the different butterfly species in their garden. The Vlinderstichting gathers and analyses the results.

As the determination of the butterfly species is done by the volunteers, inevitably this process is prone to errors. As a result the Vlinderstichting has too much work because they have to manually check whether the submissions are correct.

Specifically, there are three butterflies for which the Vlinderstichting receives many wrong determinations. These are

As I am learning more about convolutional neural networks, classifying butterfly images seemed an interesting subject to work on. So let’s do this!
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Get notifications when your Python program has finished


Do you sometimes run programs in Python which take a while? And do you constantly keep looking whether the program has finished? Receive notifications while doing other things or when you are away from your computer with the three simple Python scripts below.

You can choose to get notified by a playing a sound, sending a text message or email. That depends on your preferences or the runtime of your program.
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